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About Dr. Isaiah Macwealth

Dr. Isaiah Macwealth, also known as Isaiah Wealth for short, is a lover of Jesus, a renowned author, philanthropist, and Senior Pastor of Gospel Pillars Intl. Churches worldwide.

He is also the founder of the OneSound Revival Fellowship that runs a TV house, a Bible College, and Charity foundation. His ministry impacts so many around the globe and has church presence in four continents.

Called a prophet of God, his daily aim is to seek alignment with the Trinity to deliver prophecies, teachings, and exhortations right from the heart of the Father to people, nations, tongues, and kings as seen in Revelation 10:11.

On November 11th 2023, he launched his ministry headquarters, the Ark of Light for all Nations, which has become a Gospel hotspot and an acclaimed mega church in Ikeja area of Lagos, hosting thousands of worshippers every week and housing a Food and Emergency Bank that serves various communities in Lagos with free food, clothing, and emergency supplies.

He lives in Lagos with his wife and his sons.

about Isaiah Wealth MINISTRIES

Isaiah Wealth Ministries (IWM) is an apostolic ministry with the mandate to prepare the way for the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. This ministry is working hard in motivating and preparing the individual believer to be involved in reaping the harvest of the last days. It runs several networks, programs and crusades backed with supernatural signs and wonders and the manifestation of the tangible glory of God.