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about icam

The International Christian Association of Ministers (ICAM) is a ministerial network set up by Dr. Isaiah Macwealth to provide covering and mentorship for ministers of the Gospel around the world with a view to empowering them to reach their world.

ICAM seeks to promote unity among believers, and a passion to serve our Lord Jesus Christ in truth and holiness while taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all the Nations of the earth.

On this mentorship platform, Dr. Isaiah Macwealth would provide ministers with the opportunity to network with other Christian ministers, sharing teachings, prophecies and media resources that would spur them to greater impact in their spheres of influence.

Beside the virtual networks created online, The Sons of the Lamb Ministerial Conference brings ministers from around the world together in a physical space in a series of mentorship sessions by seasoned ministers of the Gospel.

ICAM is non-denominational, but holds true the undiluted Word of God as its foundational principle.


Benefits Of Being An ICAM Member

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As a member of the International Christian Association of Ministers, you would have access to the following privileges:

to become a part of the ICAM ministerial network
and enjoy direct mentorship from
Prophet Isaiah MACWealth

Contact Us

For more information on the International Christian Association of Ministers (ICAM),

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